Why Restaurants Need a Mobile Website

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Restaurant mobile marketing

Get your Restaurant Marketing Strategy in Gear with a Mobile Website

You’re a sandwich shop, a mainstay in the community, the place where everyone comes to congregate.  You’re a struggling bistro, haven’t made a profit since you began five years ago.

You’re a newcomer, the fifth cafe to move into the same neighborhood retail space in three years.   You’ve all implemented various ways of marketing your business.  You all most likely have a standard website, coupons, flyers, promotions, a deal with seamless or grubhub to enable people to order your delicious cuisine from their office or home computer.

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You’re no idiot  not any old Joe Blow is going to tell you how to run your business, but what if this Joe Blow has a means of marketing and catering to your consumer base like nothing else in history?

Why a Restaurant Mobile Website

With mobile marketing you have the ear of every consumer, literally!  You have a personal relationship with every hungry American—that owns a cell phone, which, if you’ve noticed the mind-blowing trend in recent years, is everyone; seniors, small children, and even pets!

The world has changed, and in order for your restaurant to grow and thrive in the current economy, your restaurant marketing must change along with it.  What your restaurant needs, and frankly cannot afford to pass up–is a mobile website.  You can also read our Mob.is.it Review.

“Well, people can already access my website on their phone,” you say.  True, but have you ever had an intimate relationship with the fine print on your tax return?  How about the creepy ingredients processed food manufacturers don’t want you to view with the naked eye?  Of course not!  In order to build lasting relationships with your customers, you need a website which is tailor-made to be viewed on a mobile phone, and not squinted over, and resented by its readership.

Mobile Restaurant website“Where do I begin?” The overworked restauranteur sighs.  Well, the website listed below is designed to help you in the most painless, cost-effective way possible:

DudaMobile provides your restaurant with a FREE, yes FREE mobile website!

This includes services such as a mobile website builder, mobile website templates, mobile website developer,and much MUCH MORE!  Check out DudaMobile  for details!

Free Restaurant Mobile Website DudaMobile


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Ian Macleod December 23, 2012 at 3:59 am

This is a good mobile marketing website. The part about sending text, you could use that for free restaurant giveaways. Restaurants could use it for development of their market since everything is online now and people are always hungry and on the move.