The iPhone Era – The History of the iPhone – Infographic

by Michael Armstrong

iphone mobile app buildersApple started mobile marketing as we know it by inventing the iPhone and announcing it to the public on January 9, 2007.  The history of the iPhone is an epic turning point in time for the world.  If you think about it, this was the most drastic change to communication since the adoption of computers and the internet back in the 90’s.

The iphone changed the game and all the other companies in the mobile phone niche were playing catch up to Apple.  Im a bit surprised that Apple hasnt been able to protect their mobile patents and technology during this evolution. Of course nobody wants to slow down innovation but the Android operating system looks way to close to Apple’s IOS to be a coincidence.

iPhone Apps – The True Game Changer

Is it all about the iPhone apps?  Mobile Apps and the iPhone app developers played an important role in the evolution of the iPhone and without this app revolution, the iPhone might not have taken off like it did.

In the early days of apps you really did need to be an app programmer to create an iPhone app.  These days, there are online iPhone mobile app builder services that you can use to build iPhone apps quickly, affordably and with no programming experience.   Check out one of the top online mobile app builders below.

The iPhone Era – The History of the iPhone

The iPhone Era Mobile

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