Why Campuses Need Emergency Alert Systems

by Michael Armstrong

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It’s no surprise that text messaging is becoming more and more popular. Any teacher who has caught more than one of their students texting in class can tell you that. What many college professionals do not realize is that texting is perhaps one of the best ways to reach their students.

If students are needed to be reached in an emergency, what is the best way to do it? By an announcement on campus, where all individuals may not hear it? On television, when all individuals may not watch the same program? Or by a text message that gets the point across in less than 200 characters?

Colleges are finding more and more that text messages are the best way to reach students in the event of an emergency. Since most students always carry their phone with them it s a great way to quickly reach them. Students almost never mind answering a text, either, so it’s a great way to ensure that they are reached easily.

Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio is one of the many colleges that is finding that emergency texts do work. They have a Rave text alert program that is set up to send messages in an emergency. For other schools, this program could be easily adapted to set up for reminders, special events, and events on campus.

Benefits of Emergency Alert Texting

There are many benefits to emergency texting. Mass texting is very popular and is almost always extremely affordable. It is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get a message out to a large number of people with ease.

Not only is texting as an SMS emergency alert system quick, it’s affordable as well. Putting news or a commercial on a television station could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, whereas text messaging can be done for little to no cost, depending on the provider of the program. Unless a student has a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, the text messaging shouldn’t cost the student anything, either.text message alert

Text message alerts are a great way to get out information to a large number of people in a brief, concise manner. These text message emergency alert SMS gateway texts are often read by one student. This one student shares the up to date information with their classroom. Many people are much more likely to pay attention to a short, brief text message instead of a long winded television commercial or radio station advertisement.

Here is one scenario: there is an emergency alert that you need to send out, and you want to get it out quickly. There are sixteen classes going on, some of which have just let out for a break. These students are likely not going to have access to television or computers, but will certainly have their cell phones. If as many as one or two students check their cell phones in a class, the entire class will be able to hear of the news.

In addition to simply using SMS gateway for emergency alerts, text messaging for universities is becoming a popular avenue for mobile marketing as well. Text message marketing is cheap and easy, and many college students love to read texts. Mobile marketing is a great way to advertise for events in and around campus. This SMS gateway texting could even be used to inform future students about the benefits of attending campus and could provide them with valuable, relevant up to date information that could encourage them to choose one specific college over another.

Those who are looking for the best place to get text messages for their college campuses should be sure to check out our Text Message Marketing Reviews as a great way to get access to the best bulk SMS gateway texting software. Send out your bulk text messages to your campus easily with just a few clicks of a button. What isn’t to like?

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