Benefits Of Texting

by Michael Armstrong

smstextmessageThere are a variety of benefits of texting.  Most of us take texting for granted and SMS texting is built into 99% of the new mobile phones on the market today.

The biggest benefit of texting is convenience.   Some of us remember the days without cell phones and if you were on the go you needed to find a pay phone to make a call.  Then came along cell phones and getting ahold of people on the go because much easier.

Now we dont even need to talk to people in most situations if we dont want too.  They are just a text message away.  There’s a new phrase that’s catching on, “texting is the new talking”.   Its pretty sad if you ask me.

Of course there are almost endless benefits of texting as you will see in the texting infographic below.  I really think we have just scratched the surface of how texting will effect our lives.

Text message marketing is really starting to take off in the USA as well as many other countries in the world.  Since texting is the new talking, text message marketing is the “New Marketing Strategy” that business owners need to wrap their minds around.   Why choose text message marketing.  The reasons are obvious, to get your message directly into the hands of your prospects and customers!

Benefits of Texting Infographic

Benefits Of Texting

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