Retail SMS Marketing – Whats your Mobile Strategy

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Retail SMS Marketing - Whats your Mobile Strategy

Marketing Plan for Retailers – Do you have a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Retail SMS marketing allows you to reach 99% of the population. The dividing line between standard cell phones and smart phones is 50/50. Half of Americans have yet to embrace the smart phone craze. Text message marketing for retailers addresses both sides of this equation though because nearly all cell phones, whether standard or smart, have text messaging capabilities that are frequently used.

Nearly one-trillion text messages were sent last year, many of them retail mobile marketing messages. 99% of text messages are read, most within minutes, and are acted on 24% of the time. Retail text message marketing is easy to establish and cheap to operate, costing just pennies per text.

Text message marketing for retail stores can be extremely effective despite the low cost associated. Consider the case of Jack’s Surfboards, a small chain of surf shops in California. Jack’s used their text provider’s SMS marketing software to send out 13,000 promotional texts and 50,000 emails offering a deal on Tom’s brand shoes. The initiative cost $215 and generated $6,000 in sales for the one-day sale they promoted, representing a 2700% ROI!

Jack’s marketing coordinator Nicole Stratton lauded their retail text message marketing efforts saying, “We can now reach more customers in less time.” When discussing how they were able to build their retail SMS marketing database, she said, “Our mobile keyword JACKS and the short code allow us to continuously capture data from our target customers.”

When asked about how their text message marketing for retail stores compared to other marketing efforts, Stratton said, “Since we began sending out multi-channel campaigns, our message open and customer response rates have greatly improved in comparison to the results that singularly focused, e-mail-only campaigns produced for us in the past.”

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Small to medium sized retailers all over the country are seeing similar results from their retail SMS marketing programs. A retail mobile marketing strategy should pay for itself right away, unlike costly print or TV/radio campaigns which are high-cost and may not always produce results that cover the investment.

Retailers in your niche, even in your area, are using text message marketing for retailers to carve out an increased market share, which could mean they’re cutting into yours. Low cost SMS marketing software is all you need to start a retail text message marketing strategy. Text message marketing for retail stores can be launched right away by offering a mobile coupon or other discount to encourage shoppers to opt-in to your list. Your offer needs to be relevant and carry enough value to entice opt-ins.  Make sure you check out our text message marketing reviews.

Once you have a few hundred or more numbers on your list, you are ready to implement your retail mobile marketing strategy. Using SMS marketing software, you can send messages to your customers to increase sales, move inventory, promote new items and announce special store events. By staying in contact with your shoppers, you deepen your relationship with them which in turn, encourages loyalty to your retail establishment.

Text message marketing for retailers is one of the easiest and lowest cost aspects of mobile marketing to implement. In order to effectively compete with other retailers in your niche, you must access your customers using the tools and communication methods they prefer – which is texting!

A text message marketing strategy can keep you relevant and preserve and increase your marketing share.

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Mobile Marketing in Washington DC is taking off in popularity.  Do you have a Retail Marketing Plan that includes Mobile?  Retailers all over Washington should start to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

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  • Mobile Advertising

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There is very little doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a retail store owner in Washington DC, you must start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing solutions will help your organization.

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website?
  • Are you considering mobile apps development for your organization?
  • Do you belive that you can take advantage of mobile advertising?
  • Do you think that text message marketing is right for your organization?

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