Political Mobile Strategies with Apps

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Political Mobile Marketing Strategies – Apps, Mobile, SMS

Political Mobile AppsPolitical mobile apps got their first major showing in 2008 when the Obama campaign introduced its free mobile app, Obama08. It is expected that for this election year, mobile apps are going to be a necessity for any candidate who wants to attract more voters. The current growth in mobile device usage in the U.S. has made it easy for mobile applications to take a bigger role in political campaigns, by engaging supporters and giving politicians who use it an edge over their opponents.

The Obama08 mobile app for iPhone had quite a few features built into it. For starters, it organized the person’s contacts by important electoral areas, so that supporters could more easily call those contacts and encourage them to vote. The app also contained an interface for mobile donations, allowing users to donate to the campaign whenever they could. App users also received news feeds, information about upcoming campaign events, and a list of Obama’s views on all the major issues of the election.

Political mobile apps are built to enable politicians, such as President Obama, to communicate more closely with voters and gain more supporters. A political mobile app helps to put important information right into the hands of any candidate’s supporters. Political mobile apps also help supporters of any candidate share that candidate’s views with their friends. Just like the Obama08 app, most of these apps access information that already exists in the user’s contacts, making it a simple process to share information.

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Political candidates may choose to utilize an app for their campaign that reaches their supporters, collects donations and explains the issues. Whether candidates opt for their own mobile app or not, there are now quite a few mobile apps available that are not candidate-based.

One new political mobile app is Politifact Mobile. Just as the name implies, it purports to keep users informed of the facts in major political races. This app contains an ingenious “Truth-O-Meter” that tracks statements made by political candidates and then rates them for truthfulness. For example, a statement could be rated true, mostly true, or half true, ranging to mostly false and “pants on fire!” PolitiFact also tracks elected officials and whether or not they keep their campaign promises, a feature that many voters would consider beneficial.

For voters who want to be more informed, C-SPAN Radio also has a mobile app that gives voters a chance to see and hear political candidates and officials in action, without commentary by political pundits. It also runs live audio on speeches made in Congress, as well as other major national speeches.

Many politicians around the U.S. have used mobile apps to gain supporters. SMS text messaging also helps with this and is a great companion to a mobile app. Once a candidate gains the cell number for a supporter who uses the app, the campaign can use that number for future strategies such as gaining more donations.

Top SMS Text Marketing Companies for Political Campaigns

  • Tatango -  SMS Marketing & Mobile Donation provider for political Campaigns
  • Trumpia – Text Message Marketing company for political Campaigns

Political marketing strategies can be helped by utilizing mobile devices to gain more supporters, educate more voters, and collect more campaign donations. Building a mobile app for a political campaign that keeps voters in the forefront will help them feel that their vote really matters.



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There is no doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of marketing as we know it.  As a Political Strategies in DC, you need to start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing strategies will help your organization. 

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