Political Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

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Does your Political Campaign Strategy include a Mobile App Strategy? 

Mobile Apps for PoliticiansPolitical mobile apps are the most popular this time of year; that is it being election year and everything! With political campaign mobile apps, your party is able to keep up with you at all times. Your citizens enjoy knowing where you are and what you’re doing on your campaign trail and with a political mobile app your people are able to do just that. You can keep updates on your political mobile app, you can post areas for mobile donations, you can keep a calendar, and you can even post surveys and polls! Your options are endless, and your mobile app is sure to be a huge success!

Mobile apps for political campaigns are very popular because 90% of the public admit to using their mobile phones to do research and many other things online. Most Americans aren’t even pulling out their computers to do work anymore, since smart phones allow you to do so much directly from your hand! Your political marketing strategy should always involve mobile marketing since it is so popular to the general public.

If you are unsure about building a mobile app or about mobile app development, rest assured that there are many outsourcing sites available for free to help you get your mobile app developed. Mobile app developers go to these outsource companies looking for work and often do these freelance jobs as their full time job and are standing by waiting to get started right now!

You have nothing to fear since signing up for these companies is completely free and easy. Once you’ve signed up for the site you’re able to post a job and start looking for a competent mobile app developer within minutes! Another great value that you receive with these types of outsourcing companies is the availability to view their profiles. The freelancer will have a profile that shows you their hourly rate, how they are rated by other employers, the types of abilities they possess, and their test scores that back up those abilities. You can’t lose with these types of outsourcing sites!

Political Campaign Mobile App Training Course Free

Political mobile apps are everywhere. With it being election year everyone has a mobile app out there, some paid and some free; but they are everywhere! You can build your mobile apps and have your information going directly to the public in no time! If you are still looking at the possibility of building your own mobile app for your political campaign, go and see about the benefits of outsourcing.

Mobile donations may be one of the newest and fastest growing trends for political campaigns but it’s been proven to be extremely successful. By allowing your political party to follow your trail and to donate to your campaign online you are simplifying their lives and everyone appreciates that. You are going to be able to raise more money by being more accessible and you’re going to be able to keep in better contact with your public.

Political mobile apps are going to be more beneficial to your political campaign than anything else you could imagine. Because your options are endless and the way you choose to build your mobile strategy is up to you, you can either make this the most successful part of your campaign or the undeveloped idea. Go now and start your success and work through the benefits with the rest of your party!



Mobile Marketing in Washington DC is taking off in popularity.  Do you have a Political Marketing Plan that includes Mobile?  Political Campaigns all over Washington should start to implement a mobile marketing strategy like:

  • SMS Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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There is very little doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a politician in Washington, you need to start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing strategies will help your organization.

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website?
  • Are you considering mobile apps development for your organization?
  • Do you think that you can benefit from mobile advertising?
  • Do you think that text message marketing is right for your organization?

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Chris Wayman December 31, 2012 at 9:08 am

We can totally relate to this!We had developed a iphone application for political campaigning .Is it possible to create a similar app for the android environment with the same features.Would the developers be able to turn around the new application in a quicker fashion?Thanks for sharing.


Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Chris, If you already have an iPhone app, an experienced app developer shouldnt have a problem porting it to Android. Of course this would depend on how the iPhone app was built in the first place as well as the features that are within the iPhone app. I suggest you contact the developer that created the iPhone app then go from there.


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