Mobile Giving SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

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Mobile Giving SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Text Message Marketing and Mobile Donations

A recent Pew Internet usage study showed that of all the types of companies adopting SMS marketing, charitable organizations and nonprofits are in the vanguard. This means that if your mobile giving plan doesn’t have an SMS marketing component, you may feel the crunch as donors give their funds to other nonprofits that reach out to them using text charitable giving programs.

The number of adults that use texting has reached 65% and of these, nearly 10% have used mobile giving via text for donations. Many text message marketing companies are now experienced with encouraging charitable donations via SMS marketing and can help you set up a strategy for text message marketing for nonprofits.

During the 2010 Haiti earthquake donation drives, nearly three-fourths of text donors sent in text donations the same day they saw or heard an ad soliciting donations via text message marketing for nonprofits.

Nearly 80% of text donors admitted in the recent study that although their decision to donate was a spur of the moment action, 43% later encouraged friends and family to join them in charitable giving via texts. The survey also showed that 56% of text donors were repeat mobile giving donors.

Top SMS Marketing Companies for Nonprofits

  • Tatango – SMS Marketing & Mobile Giving provider for nonprofits
  • Trumpia – Text Message Marketing company for nonprofits

Aaron Smith, author of the Pew Internet report said, “In contrast to other types of charitable contributions, which often involve some background research… mobile giving is often an ‘impulse purchase’ in response to a major event or call to action.”

The survey also showed that 75% of those who engaged in text charitable giving for the Haiti initiative said that this was the first time they had engaged in charitable SMS marketing.

Nonprofit Mobile Marketing Training Course Free

Text message marketing for nonprofits is still in its infancy, but is rapidly expanding. With more and more people using their smartphones to access the internet, reaching people on their preferred device to solicit donations for your charity just makes good sense. Text message marketing companies are working with more and more charities to increase mobile donation programs and enhance your ability to more effectively reach donors.

Text donations allow charities and nonprofits to reach younger adult donors that may have been less likely to donate through other channels – another reason to pursue text message marketing. Companies, both for profit and nonprofit are discovering the power of text marketing.

Whether your nonprofit manages your own text marketing program or outsources to text message marketing companies such as Tatango, the results are clear – text marketing is a force to be reckoned with in charitable giving.  Nonprofit mobile marketing is a game changer.

Rob Faris of the Berkman Center, co-sponsor of the Pew Survey, said, “The age of mobile connectivity is creating a new class of networked donors who learn quickly about tragedies that occur anywhere on the planet and respond immediately.”



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There is very little doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a nonprofit organization in Washington, you must start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing tools will help your organization.

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Keith Johnson December 23, 2012 at 4:22 am

In marketing, mobile texting charitable donations are getting a nonprofits message to the donors as fast as possible. This is helpful when raising funds and avoiding deadlines. I think nonprofits all over the world are going to start using text marketing.


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